Don’t Invite a burglar to call when you’re away

The eagerness and excitement that precedes a looming holiday can make it easy to forget things. Annoyingly it is often too late when you realise you’ve forgotten to cancel the milk, left the passports on the coffee table or worse still left your home unsecure.
So officers from West Midlands Police are reminding homeowners to follow some simple crime prevention advice before jetting off this summer.
This is certainly one piece of advice that a Dudley couple would endorse after they left their front door wide open as they spent the evening 70 miles away.
Fortunately for them this mistake was spotted by the postman the following morning, who shared his concerns with a neighbour before alerting two passing police community support officers.
PCSO Melissa Parker said: “We were soon able to establish that fortunately the lapse in security hadn’t been spotted by an opportunist thief. So we left a note to advise the homeowners, whose propery is in Old Quarter, of the action we had taken and secured the front door.
“A few days later we received a thank you card from the lady and a box of chocolates. I think she was a little embarrassed but relieved that we were contacting her in these circumstances, rather than in the aftermath of a burglary.”
When the officers revisited the woman to reinforce their safety advice she told them that she had gone to Manchester with her husband for the evening. But before leaving the husband had failed to check the security of their house.
PCSO Renato Di Bernardo added: “Whether people are leaving the house unoccupied for a fortnight, a week or even for a matter of minutes we are asking them to follow some simple advice.

“Most of the advice is really simple and should be precautions that homeowners complete every time they leave their homes unoccupied like shutting and locking doors. But there is also some useful information for those lucky people who are counting down the days until they head off on holiday.”

Officers are giving the public the following tips:
  • Cancel the milk and papers if you get them delivered
  • Lock your garage and shed and secure all ladders and tools
  • Make the place look lived in – set timer switches on lights and/or radio
  • Get a trusted friend or neighbour to collect your post
  • Avoid discussing your holiday plans online
For more home security tips visit:

Dudley Police Partnerships Team

Brierley Hill Police Station
Dudley Local Policing Unit
Tel: 101 ex 7902 6622
Direct Line: 0121 626 8127
Serving our communities, protecting them from harm

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