Two offenders have knocked on the door stating that that they were trimming a hedge at a neighbouring property & that the clippings would be falling into the victims garden. They proceeded to tell the victim that they would pick up the clippings and asked if the victim wanted them to work on his garden. The resident agreed for them to do some work & paid them £200. It was agreed the work would be carried out once they had trimmed the hedge in neighbouring garden. The resident paid the cash however whilst the resident was in the garden and distracted by one of the males the other offender went into the house and upstairs were they stole £300. Offenders then left, making resident believe that they would be returning to do the work they had promised to carry out. Please remain vigilant for any suspicious behaviour. Don’t let anyone into your property if you have not pre-arranged it with a valid company first. NEVER HAND MONEY OVER TO ANYONE WHO HAS TURNED UP UNEXPECTED ASKING TO DO MAINTENANCE ON YOUR HOME. If you notice anything suspicious please call Police immediately on 101 or in an emergency call 999!


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