Our Local Police and Crime

Our local police are split into two(2) teams to cover the 4 ward areas of North Dudley.

The Sedgley and Gornal team and Coseley East and Upper Gornal and Woodsetton

Clicking on the team names will take you to the relative teams pages on the West Midlands Police Web site informing you of dates of PACT (Police and Community Together) meetings. Details also available are about what problems are happening in the area and what the police are targeting.

Safe and Sound is the Dudley Borough  Community Safety Partnership.

Present crime trends are
1. Shed break-in’s.

The majority of us store valuable items of garden equipment, cycles etc. and we rely on the poor quality locking systems that are supplied. The need to remove at least one screw in the door and frame parts of each hinge and replace with bolts that have locking nuts on the inside preventing a thief removing the screws  to get inside the shed/outbuilding. Likewise replacing some of the screws in the hasp and staple/bolt locking mechanism prevents a thief entering the shed. Always use a good quality padlock as cheap ones can be opened easily if you know how. Alteratively a Shed Bar can be purchased that goes across the door and is secured to the shed panel both sides, so preventing the door from being opened. Cover the window so no one can see in and Ultra Violet (UV) mark the items chaining them together, were possible (the bigger the item the harder to carry it away). Items with serial numbers as also best to keep a copy of and be registered on https://www.immobilise.com/index.php. UV marked items and registered on Imobilse means you will be able to get the items back when recovered and UV marking help prosecute the thief. Goods stolen from sheds are easy disposed of through private sales and car boot sales.

2. Callers at the door (Cold calling)

Informing you you need work to your home (e.g. ridge tiles want pointing, trees need cutting back, etc). These people do a poor job and ask a lot of money for doing it. DO NOT buy services at the door. ALWAYS get 3 quotes from companies recommended by friends and family or from the Fix-a-home list of recommended traders by Dudley MBC and Age UK.

When arranging for people to call, such as the TV repair man, washing machine engineer, and other service personnel always agree on a password with the company so you know it is them. It has happened that a householder was expecting a plumber to do some work on the house water supply and when answering the door to a caller was told  that he was calling to check the water supply. The person presumed it was the person that was arranged to call. The caller got the person to go into the kitchen with him and he left the door unlocked so an accomplice entered the house and stole monies and jewellery. It was only when the real plumber arrived that the person realised they had been robbed.

3. House Burglary.

There is more chance of your home being burgled as the house is in darkness in the late afternoon/evening. Please use a lamp with a timer, or dusk till dawn adapter, so that a light is on in one room so  it  looks like you are at home. Additionally leaving a radio on, gives more impression you are at home when you are not. NEVER leave the house with open windows and unlocked doors when nobody is at home.

4. Callers at the door

Person asking for money (Begging). If you get such a caller please contact the police right away. It may be the case that this person may need help and the police can put him/her in touch with local services who can assist.

5. Scams. (see our Scam Page)

There are a number of scams happening, mostly to get your bank account details and passwords so that the scammer has access to your account to withdraw monies from it. They can claim to be from the Bank, Council, Police and other companies such as gas and electricity suppliers . NEVER! NEVER give your Banking details to anyone. No genuine Bank, Building Society, Council, Police etc. will ever ask for these details.
Other scams include you receiving items by post or Courier that you have not ordered. This is usually followed shortly afterwards by a phone call explaining of the mistake and informing you that a person will call to collect the item. They also ask for your bank details to credit your account. When you get you bank/credit card statement you find that the item has been charged to your account and they have taken monies from it.
If you get an unordered item contact the supplier first so they are aware of the situation, using the phone number in the phone directory – not the number they give you (it could be and mostlikely be a number abroad which can be very expensive to ring), also call the police who will more likely come to catch the person when they call to pick up the item at a time you arranged. Always check that when you ring the supplier that you have a dialling tone as you may be still linked to the caller if they do not put the phone down.



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