Never let people into your home that you do not know!
Quite often they leave the door open that may let an ccomplice to enter while you are with them or an opertunist thief who may be passing by.

If you are to let someone in who ever they are always make sure that there are two of you – one to be with the person all the while and the other to watch the door so no one else enters.

When arranging for someeone to call always agree on a password that the caller willl use so you know it is the person you arranged to call

A common bogus caller uses the excuse that he is from the Waterboard. Every area has its own company that supplies your water so there is NO company called the “Water Board”

A recent Bogus Caller has been asking for change for the phone and while the homeowner goes for the change the caller nips in the house and steals.



Don’t let green fingered thieves spring clean your shed.
Many people take a great deal of trouble securing their house and the property within it…but what about sheds and garages? With the array of lawn mowers, power tools, garden equipment, bicycles, sports and other valuable equipment kept in them, security measures should certainly be put in place.
Gardening tools and garden furniture are not cheap – what’s more they are very saleable items for the thief. Don’t make it easy for them to be stolen and remember that tools stolen from your shed could be used to burgle your house.
•Postcode or property mark anything in your shed or garage that is value and might be stolen, for example, lawn mowers, garden furniture, bicycles, sports equipment.
•Take photographs of expensive items – they may be useful to police to identify the goods and return them to you, should you be unfortunate enough to have them stolen.
•Never leave garden tools and equipment outside, even if you are just popping back into the house. It only takes minutes for an opportunist thief to take them.
Consider fitting a pair of garage door locks that are fitted either vertically or horizontally and can be locked both from the inside and outside of the garage.

For further general safety and security advice go to


Sites on internet that are not the genuine DVLA one will charge you if you renew your vehicle license through them. The DVLA genuine is FREE!!

Also phone calls coming from people pretending to be another person or representing a company. No matter who they say they are do not give any personal or your banking details. You can find out if the caller is genuine by ringing the companies phone number in the phone book only as the caller will more than likely give you a phone number of their friend who will back them up. Always make sure that when you phone out after such calls that there is a dialing tone as you may be still connected with the caller if there is no dialing tone.


The fraudster “cold calls” the victim (victim is usually vulnerable by age) on their landline (whether in possession of the victim’s details or not). One of the current methods is for the fraudster to claim to be a police officer stating they have persons in custody for compromising the victims bank account and claims they need the victims genuine bank cards and pin numbers to progress the investigation.

This Scam is designed to encourage the victim to divulge specific personal information ultimately requesting the victim to provide their PIN. Variations seen are: claiming  to be from the Bank or Visa Fraud Dept and alerting them to an account compromise, offering repair to a faulty card, seeking their cooperation in “catching” a corrupt bank employee etc

Please advise all your family and friends that they should never divulge their PIN number, provide personal data to an unsolicited caller or hand their card to an unknown courier.


COMPUTER users are being warned to be aware of a scam in which people are sent emails telling them they may have cancer.

This SCAM/HOAX email, which is thought may have been sent thousands of people claims to be from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and is entitled “important blood analysis result”. The e-mail states that blood test results revealed that they suspected you could have cancer and should contact your GP, as soon as possible. Clicking any links within the email could compromise a computer’s security.

NICE, which is not involved in cancer diagnosis, is advising people that the NHS never sends this sort of confidential information via email, and hoax emails should be deleted without opening.

NICE chief executive Sir Andrew Dillon said: “This email is likely to cause distress to recipients. “This malicious email is not from NICE, and we are currently investigating its origin.

“We take this matter very seriously and have reported it to the police.”

For more information visit nice.org.uk

If seen please contact Dudley Police

Driver, white male aged between 20 years and 30 years with a woollen beanie hat and a local accent, in Blue/Black van with ladders on the roof calls at elderly residents houses claims to have carried out work in their garden and needs paying. This is Fraud as NO work was done. Please notify Dudley police on 101 when seen.

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To report a crime that is taking place dial 999.          All other calls dial 101.

101 is the number to ring to contact the police wherever you are in England.

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