Security Improvement

Where ever possible use tested security products recommended by Police Chiefs at 

General Safety Advice. More can be found at and  


Purchase a good quality locking mechanism and padlock, and use bolts to secure the mechanism to the door and wall with bolts that have lock nuts on the inside so they can not be unscrewed.

Replace some of the screws, with bolts and locking nuts through each of the hinges on both the door and frame. Screws are easily removed so a thief can open the door from the hinge side and gain entry. Better still is to use a locking bar that goes across the door and fastens over the door to the shed sides.


Where possible chain items together and Ultra Violet (UV) security mark items with your postcode and house number.

Register items of value on so if items are stolen and recovered by police they will be returned to you.

Cover windows so no one can see inside and better still is to also protect the window with a good grill that is fastened securely to the shed wall.

Finally by fitting an independent (battery/solar powered) alarm( buy as independent or kit) and a solar powered light that illuminates the shed when movement is detected will help deter thieves as they hate light as they can be seen and an alarm as warns people what they are doing.

shed alarm1  alarm kit


Use your alarm every time you leave the house and leave a radio on so it appears someone is home. At night use of a timer on a independent light in a room. The timer switching on/off will make it appear some one is entering/leaving the room or by having the light switched on will appear someone is in the room/ home.

Don’t leave widows in rooms you are not in and doors open ( this is the most common way a burglar gets into a home) as this aids a burglar to be in and out of your home before you know it.

Leaving valuable items where they can be seen by a burglar/thief through a window or letterbox is inviting them to break into your home. At Christmas only put presents out before the recipients arrive – leaving them out on show is inviting to a burglar/thief. (Remember burglars/thieves need presents too to give to their family and friends).

You have to think like a burglar/thief to avoid encouraging them to not enter your home.

DO NOT invite any person you do not know. Arrange with a service provider (e.g. gas supplier, electric supplier, water board, etc) a password that the caller will use when they call so you know they are OK

Personal .

Try not to use mobile phones, tablet computers, etc in the street thieves can easily target you for your phone as they have seen you using it

Where ever possible stay in well lighted areas at night.

  • Be aware of what is going on around you.
  • Avoid wearing headphones as they will make it harder to hear people approaching you, and may also indicate that you have something (music player) worth attempting to steal.
  • Carry a torch for dark areas.
  • Walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic.
  • If you are walking across a common or parkland keep to the main paths and open spaces where you can see and be seen.
  • Avoid wooded areas.

Consider carrying a personal attack alarm which are cheap. Always keep it in your hand so it is ready to use.

Out walking at night wear or hold something that’s white/light-coloured or reflective so a vehicles headlights will pick you out quickly.


DO NOT leave the vehicle running unattended as it’s easy for a person to jump in and drive off. Too many people leave a vehicle running to warm up and/or defrost on winter mornings unattended either on the road or drive or even outside the newsagents (while they nip in for a paper, etc.) and find it gone when they return. Insurance companies will not pay out as they deem it your fault the vehicle was stolen as you left the keys in the ignition.

Do not leave keys out in the home where they can be seen. Thieves can see them though windows and letter boxes and keys have been stolen by using a hooked rod through the letterbox.

To a thief a bag or coat left on the seat could mean something of value could be in it. Put it away in the boot out of sight.

Always park in well lit areas and where possible use Police Marked Park Car Parks were possible .

Use a additional recommended steering wheel lock/bar as well as the locking system on the vehicle as it deters a thief as it increases the time taken to steal the vehicle.


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